Inter-University Attraction Poles Phase VII P7/16 Network: An integrated approach towards understanding the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration

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Work Package 4: Protein and proteostatic network modelling


Leader: Frederic Rousseau
Co-Leader: Pascal Kienlen-Campard
Belgian Parners: Joost Schymkowitz
Associated Parners: Stuart Maudsley


  1. Identification and validation of disease-causing aggregating mutations.
    Homodimerization of APP751 and APP695 analyzed by a split fluorescence assay (BiFC), revealed by fluorescence microscopy (A) or measured by FACS (B,C,D)

  2. Prediction and validation of the effect of protein aggregation on gene-expression and protein interaction networks in the different neurodegenerative disease models under study.
    Pull down assays showing the interaction between biotin-Ab42 peptide and (A) overexpressed Npas4 or (B) endogenous Npas4 (two replicates). The fractions that are not bound or eluted from the streptavidin-beads are indicated as SN or E, respectively.