Inter-University Attraction Poles Phase VII P7/16 Network: An integrated approach towards understanding the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration

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IAP VII P7/16 Publications

A1. Jean-Pierre Brion

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2016 →top

Gilissen EP, Leroy K, Yilmaz Z, Kövari E, Bouras C, Boom A, Poncelet L, Erwin JM, Sherwood CC, Hof PR, Brion JP (2016) A neuronal aging pattern unique to humans and common chimpanzees. Brain Struct Funct 221(1): 647-64 () pdf(private)

Gilley J, Ando K, Seereeram A, Rodríguez-Martín T, Pooler AM, Sturdee L, Anderton BH, Brion JP, Hanger DP, Coleman MP (2016) Mislocalization of neuronal tau in the absence of tangle pathology in phosphomutant tau knockin mice. Neurobiol Aging : 1-18 () pdf(private)

Ando K, Tomimura K, Sazdovitch V, Suain V, Yilmaz Z, Authelet M, Ndjim M, Vergara C, Belkouch M, Potier MC, Duyckaerts C, Brion JP (2016) Level of PICALM, a key component of clathrin-mediated endocytosis, is correlated with levels of phosphotau and autophagy-related proteins and is associated with tau inclusions in AD, PSP and Pick disease. Neurobiol Dis : () pdf(private)

2015 →top

Frederick C, Ando K, Leroy K, Héraud C, Suain V, Buée L, Brion JP (2015) Rapamycin ester analog CCI-779/Temsirolimus alleviates tau pathology and improves motor deficit in mutant tau transgenic mice. J Alzheimers Dis 44(4): 1145-56 () pdf(private)

Audouard E, Van Hees L, Suain V, Yilmaz Z, Poncelet L, Leroy K, Brion JP (2015) Motor deficit in a tauopathy model is induced by disturbances of axonal transport leading to dying-back degeneration and denervation of neuromuscular junctions. Am J Pathol 185(10): 2685-97 () pdf(private)

2014 →top

Killick R, Ribe EM, Al-Shawi R, Malik B, Hooper C, Fernandes C, Dobson R, Nolan PM, Lourdusamy A, Furney S, Lin K, Breen G, Wroe R, To AW, Leroy K, Causevic M, Usardi A, Robinson M, Noble W, Williamson R, Lunnon K, Kellie S, Reynolds CH, Bazenet C, Hodges A, Brion JP, Stephenson J, Simons JP, Lovestone S (2014) Clusterin regulates β-amyloid toxicity via Dickkopf-1-driven induction of the wnt-PCP-JNK pathway. Mol Psychiatry 19(1): 88-98 () pdf(private)

Stygelbout V, Leroy K, Pouillon V, Ando K, D'Amico E, Jia Y, Luo HR, Duyckaerts C, Erneux C, Schurmans S, Brion JP (2014) Inositol trisphosphate 3-kinase B is increased in human Alzheimer brain and exacerbates mouse Alzheimer pathology. Brain 137(Pt 2): 537-52 () pdf(private)

Ando K, Kabova A, Stygelbout V, Leroy K, Heraud C, Frédérick C, Suain V, Yilmaz Z, Authelet M, Dedecker R, Potier MC, Duyckaerts C, Brion JP (2014) Vaccination with Sarkosyl insoluble PHF-tau decrease neurofibrillary tangles formation in aged tau transgenic mouse model: a pilot study. J Alzheimers Dis : S135-45 () pdf(private)

Orduz D, Boom A, Gall D, Brion JP, Schiffmann SN, Schwaller B (2014) Subcellular structural plasticity caused by the absence of the fast Ca(2+) buffer calbindin D-28k in recurrent collaterals of cerebellar Purkinje neurons. Front Cell Neurosci : 364 () pdf(private)

2013 →top

Vardarajan B, Vergote D, Tissir F, Logue M, Yang J, Daude N, Ando K, Rogaeva E, Lee J, Cheng R, Brion JP, Ghani M, Shi B, Baldwin CT, Kar S, Mayeux R, Fraser P, Goffinet AM, George-Hyslop PS, Farrer LA, Westaway D (2013) Role of p73 in Alzheimer disease: lack of association in mouse models or in human cohorts. Mol Neurodegener : 10 () pdf(private)

2012 →top

Gilley J, Seereeram A, Ando K, Mosely S, Andrews S, Kerschensteiner M, Misgeld T, Brion JP, Anderton B, Hanger DP, Coleman MP (2012) Age-dependent axonal transport and locomotor changes and tau hypophosphorylation in a "P301L" tau knockin mouse. Neurobiol Aging 33(3): 621.e1-621.e15 () pdf(private)

Morel M, Héraud C, Nicaise C, Suain V, Brion JP (2012) Levels of kinesin light chain and dynein intermediate chain are reduced in the frontal cortex in Alzheimer's disease: implications for axoplasmic transport. Acta Neuropathol 123(1): 71-84 () pdf(private)

Lambert JC, Grenier-Boley B, Harold D, Zelenika D, Chouraki V, Kamatani Y, Sleegers K, Ikram MA, Hiltunen M, Reitz C, Mateo I, Feulner T, Bullido M, Galimberti D, Concari L, Alvarez V, Sims R, Gerrish A, Chapman J, Deniz-Naranjo C, Solfrizzi V, Sorbi S, Arosio B, Spalletta G, Siciliano G, Epelbaum J, Hannequin D, Dartigues JF, Tzourio C, Berr C, Schrijvers EM, Rogers R, Tosto G, Pasquier F, Bettens K, Van Cauwenberghe C, Fratiglioni L, Graff C, Delepine M, Ferri R, Reynolds CA, Lannfelt L, Ingelsson M, Prince JA, Chillotti C, Pilotto A, Seripa D, Boland A, Mancuso M, Bossù P, Annoni G, Nacmias B, Bosco P, Panza F, Sanchez-Garcia F, Zompo MD, Coto E, Owen M, O'Donovan M, Valdivieso F, Caffara P, Scarpini E, Combarros O, Buée L, Campion D, Soininen H, Breteler M, Riemenschneider M, Van Broeckhoven C, Alpérovitch A, Lathrop M, Trégouët DA, Williams J, Amouyel P (2012) Genome-wide haplotype association study identifies the FRMD4A gene as a risk locus for Alzheimer's disease. Mol Psychiatry : () pdf(private)