Inter-University Attraction Poles Phase VII P7/16 Network: An integrated approach towards understanding the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration

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IAP VII P7/16 Publications

EU2. Paul Saftig

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2016 →top

Blanz J, Saftig P (2016) Parkinson's disease: acid-glucocerebrosidase activity and alpha-synuclein clearance. J Neurochem : () pdf(private)

2015 →top

Damme M, Suntio T, Saftig P, Eskelinen EL (2015) Autophagy in neuronal cells: general principles and physiological and pathological functions. Acta Neuropathol 129(3): 337-62 () pdf(private)

Rothaug M, Stroobants S, Schweizer M, Peters J, Zunke F, Allerding M, D'Hooge R, Saftig P, Blanz J (2015) LAMP-2 deficiency leads to hippocampal dysfunction but normal clearance of neuronal substrates of chaperone-mediated autophagy in a mouse model for Danon disease. Acta Neuropathol Commun : 6 () pdf(private)

Saftig P, Bovolenta P (2015) Proteases at work: cues for understanding neural development and degeneration. Front Mol Neurosci : 13 () pdf(private)

Saftig P, Lichtenthaler SF (2015) The alpha secretase ADAM10: A metalloprotease with multiple functions in the brain. Prog Neurobiol : 1-20 () pdf(private)

2014 →top

Romi E, Gokhman I, Wong E, Antonovsky N, Ludwig A, Sagi I, Saftig P, Tessier-Lavigne M, Yaron A (2014) ADAM metalloproteases promote a developmental switch in responsiveness to the axonal repellant Sema3A. Nat Commun : 4058 () pdf(private)

2012 →top

Tharmarajah G, Faas L, Reiss K, Saftig P, Young A, Van Raamsdonk CD (2012) Adam10 haploinsufficiency causes freckle-like macules in Hairless mice. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res 25(5): 555-565 () pdf(private)

2011 →top

Saftig P, Reiss K (2011) The "A Disintegrin And Metalloproteases" ADAM10 and ADAM17: novel drug targets with therapeutic potential? Eur J Cell Biol 90(6-7): 527-535 () pdf(private)

Huth T, Rittger A, Saftig P, Alzheimer C (2011) β-Site APP-cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1) cleaves cerebellar Na+ channel β4-subunit and promotes Purkinje cell firing by slowing the decay of resurgent Na+ current. Pflugers Arch 461(3): 355-371 () pdf(private)

Sulis ML, Saftig P, Ferrando AA (2011) Redundancy and specificity of the metalloprotease system mediating oncogenic NOTCH1 activation in T-ALL. Leukemia 25(10): 1564-1569 () pdf(private)